Massage Treatments
Back, shoulder and neck massage30 min£20.00
Swedish Body Massage45£28.00
Swedish Body Massage60£35.00
Orange Blossom Spa body with hot stones45£32.00
Himalayan Rock salt Hot Stone Body Massage 60£40.00
Himalayan Rock salt Hot Stone Body Massage 75£50.00
Lux Body Massage Inc. hands,face,feet90£52.00
Back shoulder and neck with hot stones 30£28.00
Indian Head Massage 60£38.00
Indian Head Massage45£28.00
Indian Head Massage30£20.00
Facial Treatments
Detoxing luxury Facial75£35.00
Classic Facials60£30.00
Express Exfoliating Facial30£20.00
Eyelash Tint15£13.00
Eyebrow Tint 15£10.00
Eyelash and Brow Tint30£20.00
Eyelash Uplift and Tint60£35.00
Shiatsu natural face lift massage 45£33.00
Eyelash Extensions   from £45.00 see web page
Waxing Face areas – chin/lip/eyebrow
One area   15£9.00
Two areas – combnination of 2 facial areas25£16.00
Three areas combination of 3 facial areas35£23.00
Waxing – Body
Half leg wax30£15.00
3/4 Leg Wax40£20.00
Full Leg wax50£25.00
Standard Bikini Wax20£13.00
Bikini + Half Leg wax45£25.00
Bikini wax + Full leg70£30.00
Underarm wax15£10.00
Lower arm wax20£13.00
one area  – eyebrow, lip, or chin10£7.50
Two areas –  combination of 2 facial areas20£10.75
Three areas – combination of 3 facial areas30£15.00
Holistic Therapies.
Reflexology/Shiatsu/Indian Head  taster20£9.00
Reflexology 45£30.00
Reflexology /Back shoulder and neck massage 60£38.00
Shiatsu Holistic full body 60£38.00
Hopi thermal auricular therapy40£30.00
File and Paint15£15.00
Nail trim and Shape10£8.00
Nail repairfrom£5.00
Pedicure 45£23.00
Manicure 45£23.00
Paraffin wax treatment- (Mani or Pedi add on)15£8.00
Gel removal ( Manicure or Pedicure add on only)15£6.00
Gel finish -(Manicure or Pedicure add on only)15£8.00
Gel Nails full sets
Gel Nails full sets45£25.00
Gel add on – Glitter or french finish Hayley only10£5.00
Gel add on- freehand  art (2 fingers) Hayley only10£4.00
Gel nails – soak off and re-apply60£30.00
Gel nails – soak off and nail tidy30£15.00
Gel on fingers and  toes 80£35.00
Gel – fingers + toes – soak off + re-apply 95£40.00
Acrylic Nails
Sculptured Extension + gel finish and art workfrom£38.00
Acrylic Extensions – French or gel finishfrom£36.00
Acylic Extensions – colours/polish.£32.00
Acrylic infills plus gel finish and art work from£32.00
Arcylic Infills plus gel Polish/French.£30.00
Acrylic infills colours/ polish.£28.00
Acrylic Overlays – French or gel finish.£30.00
Acrylic Overlays – polish.£26.00
Acrylic Overlays – Clear/natural.£24.00
Acrylic Soak off and re-apply.£38.00
Acrylic Soak off and apply Gel finish.£34.00
Acrylic Soak off.£20.00