Treatments to support equestrians – for Riders and Owners of horses

At WildGinger we have three Equestrians, so we understand the demands that owning and riding a horse can put on your body. We also believe that to expect the best from your horse without giving them the best version of yourself will not get you optimum results.

Equestrians may suffer due to the manual type of work involved in caring for horses, whatever the weather! Horse owners spend thousands each year on regular treatments for their horse but neglect themselves.

Horse riding develops strong muscles in the legs and arms, shoulders, chest and back but to be in tune with your horse you also need to be soft, responsive, and able to coordinate your body to allow your horse to move without resistance.

Problems due to muscle imbalance are likely to develop, particularly if you don’t do any other training or exercise apart from riding and caring for your horse.

All therapies can have an incredible positive influence on your riding and your horse. When your ride effectively in body and mind it has a directly positive effect upon your horse’s ability to perform. To get the best from your horse, you need to remember how much your mind and body influences the horse’s way of going.

Regular treatments can improve your balance when riding, helping you become more secure and more effective. It will relax the joints and improve flexibility helping you develop a deeper seat and sit straighter in the saddle.

A relaxing massage that can help improve your state of mind as well as relaxing your body will help ensure that your horse only experiences the best version of yourself.

If only equestrians invested as much time and energy into themselves as they do their horses!

How can we expect the best from our horses when we don’t always offer them the best version of ourselves.

We believe that all types of massage can be beneficial to creating balance and suppleness within the body, but if you suffer as a result of a previous injury you may need a more in depth treatment to get you started. This is when we would recommend that you see our friendly and very experienced Osteopath Keith.

Katherine has been seeing Keith for around 5 years. As a result of two serious horse related injuries in the past she needs regular treatments to maintain a neutral pelvis and release tightness within the lower back. This alongside regular Hot stone massage helps her to keep her body supple and able to support her young horse through his training.

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